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 What And Why

Neuro-QoL is a set of self-report measures that assesses the health-related quality of life (HRQOL) of adults and children with neurological disorders.

Neuro-QoL is comprised of item banks and scales that evaluate symptoms, concerns, and issues that are relevant across disorders - along with measures that assess areas most relevant for specific patient populations. 

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 Training and Events

Learn more about Neuro-QoL by watching our video series here.
Topics include:  
Overview of clinical neurological outcomes
Introduction to Neuro-QoL
Introduction to item response theory
Instruction on how to access Neuro-QoL instruments   

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     Featured Publications


    Miller DM, Bethoux F, Victorson D, et al. Validating Neuro-Qol Short Forms and Targeted Scales with People Who Have Multiple Sclerosis. Mult. Scler. 2015;Epub ahead of print

    Kozlowski AJ, Singh R, Victorson D, et al. Agreement between Responses from Community-Dwelling Persons with Stroke and Their Proxies on the NIH Neurological Quality of Life (Neuro-Qol) Short Forms. Arch. Phys. Med. Rehabil. 2015;Epub ahead of print. 

    Lai J-S, Nowinski CJ, Zelko F, et al. Validation of the Neuro-Qol Measurement System in Children with Epilepsy. Epilepsy Behav. 2015;Epub ahead of print.

     Han JJ, Kurillo G, Abresch RT, de Bie E, Nicorici Lewis A, Bajcsy R. Upper extremity 3D reachable workspace analysis in dystrophinopathy using Kinect. Muscle Nerve 2015;Epub ahead of print.


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